Vehicle Traffic Management and Analysis

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Traffic Jams have been a major problem in Kathmandu valley especially at traffic junctions and crossroads. This requires an efficient traffic management system to be implemented at such places. But, traffic lights at most road intersections operate on a fixed timing schedule that leads to unnecessary delays, deadlock situations and moreover lead to higher fuel consumption. Our goal is to design a system which can detect the flow of traffic across those junctions, analyze those data and design an optimal traffic light sequence that can best counteract that situation.

The street lighting system is based upon the electronic controller that utilizes the traffic density survey data. Data was collected and analyzed at different busy junctions of Kathmandu Valley. Cameras were used to capture video of the specific junction at various times, which was then processed to get the vehicle flow of the corresponding time. The data gives an insight into the number of vehicles entering the junction and the time required for them to cross it.

For the purpose of testing the efficiency of the timing sequence generated by processing the data collected, the simulation software PTV Vissim was used. Which is a microscopic multimodal traffic flow simulation software.

Traffic flow simulation using PVT Vissim

We also developed a prototype traffic light controller for the demonstration. This prototype can show synchronization in traffic signals on the basis of live feed from the cameras. All the systems can be monitored and even manually controlled via an easy web based interface.

Traffic Signal Controller Prototype