Streetfood Vending Machine

Chatpate and Panipuri is one of the most popular street foods in Nepal. With a team of mechanical and electrical engineers, we developed a fully automated vending machine for it. The machine needs to be fed with raw materials once every morning, and it can work autonomously for the entire day. It can prepare customized orders from customers and accepts e-payments.

For the first time, I was involved in designing and fabrication of something marketable, rather than just a college project. So, I got to learn how to make the systems robust and fail proof both electronically and programmatically. Also, we need to keep food hygiene in mind while designing the system.

Prototyping and Testing setup.

The research and development of this product took almost 6 months. It took a number of prototypes and failed ideas to get to our final design, which was then launched with the name Pani Puri Bar at Kapan, Kathmandu.