Low Cost Spin Coater

Spin coating is a laboratory method to generate thin and homogeneous organic films out of solutions. An excess amount of solution is placed on an ultraporous substrate that is then rotated at high speed. The liquid spreads due to centrifugal forces and a uniform liquid layer forms on the substrate.

A machine used for spin coating is called a spin coater.

Though vital laboratory equipment for disease diagnosis, a commercial spin coater is pretty expensive. The cheapest one costs around 150-200 dollars, which is still unaffordable for health clinics and hospitals in rural areas of Nepal.

With the help of research labs at RECAST, we developed a high speed (up to 5000 RPM) speed coater prototype with variable speed which could be used for thin fluid coating of the samples. The prototype was developed at one-tenth the cost of a commercial one. Our design showed more or less comparable results to that of commercial ones.

Spin Coater

Internal circuitary